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The Ross County History Depot is a project to supplement the local Social Studies curriculums with materials and resources to tie local historical events to state and national events.  It is through this program, that Ross County students will gain knowledge and an appreciation of Ross County’s historical significance.  The ultimate goal is to  create a sense of pride in their community within students which will make them good caretakers of our historical heritage in the future.

Local history materials are plentiful, however collecting that information and turning it into classroom ready presentations and other instructional materials can be very time consuming for the classroom teacher.

Much of the material on the website has been uploaded in PDF format.  These can be reproduced or shown on the overhead.  The PDFs have been reduced in size so as to not overload the blog site.  This often distorts graphics somewhat. If you would like a higher quality copy of the PDF please contact us on the blog and a higher quality PDF can be sent to you. *This site is best viewed on a desk or laptop at 75%.  If topics cannot be viewed, click the red cog in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Teacher Input Welcome and Encouraged!   Please send comments, corrections, lesson ideas and additional resources on the different posts and topics presented on this blog.  They will be attached to the posts for the benefit of other educators visiting this blog.


Julie Lambert

Retired Educators!

Please note!  The Ross County History Depot  is a nonprofit endeavor to enrich students understanding of the significance of local history. The many pictures and illustrations included were provided as a courtesy for use in these educational publications only.  Educators and students are welcome to reproduce materials found on this blog for educational purposes.

Please direct any questions to Julie Lambert  at coverlet@horizonview.net


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